Over the Sky Illustrations!!!

 Lisa Rienermann (scroll right) became famous for her award-winning alphabet formed from letters spotted in the space between buildings. However French artistThomas Lamadieu instead used the constraints as inspiration for his imaginative illustration series Sky Art, where the artist drew within the narrow confines of rooftops and tiny slices of sky to create some pretty wild imagery. It would be fun to see different artists interpretations of the exact same spot.


Wicked Caitlin…

Artist and Illustrator Caitlin Hackett is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York where she produces awesome illustrations of twisted “pseudo-mythical, mutated, and anthropomorphic creatures”…


A Journey With Alice In Wonderland…

Vasilis Papatsarouchas is possibly one of Alice’s most ardent enthusiasts, having repeatedly experimented with the famous Lewis Carroll text over the years. With his latest illustration project, he invites us along as he delves once again into Alice’s magical land, where a world full of mystery, whimsy, symbolism and absurdity unfolds right before our eyes.








When Human and urban Collide!!!!!

A peek inside the sketchbooks of Michigan based artist and illustrator Pat Perry reveals a fascinating world where the natural world seems on a direct collision course with the urban. 


I Heart Tudisco!!!

Antoni Tudisco is a graphic designer/digital artist hailing from Hamburg, Germany. Tudisco has worked for numerous clients, such as Coca-Cola, Reebok Woman, VANS Indonesia, and MTV Philippines among many others…Here’s a look at Tudisco’s digital 3D work…

Oh! Words…

Lovely  illustrations by Phil Jones Minneapolis- USA

Cubic Pablo!!!

Pablo Lobato is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soon after finishing his studies, Pablo started working as a graphic designer for different magazines.