Flexible Kitchens…

Bulthaup’s new b2 range offers a way to rethink freestanding kitchens. The b2 concept collection consists of a workbench, tool cabinet and appliance cabinet to create a flexible kitchen area.


Loft your Interior!!!

Dethier Architectures has translated the 1970s loft into a futuristic one, with shiny aluminum finishes along with aerodynamic forms for the furnishings. The open plan is divided by a metal-clad series of small rooms, which sits at an oblique to provide two sightlines into a nearby terrace and the neighboring street. Vivid accents of color, such as the red dining table chairs as well as the orange and lime illumination from the bathroom, sparkle in the space as LED lights do on a circuit board.


A shed becomes a Theatre!!!!

A bold addition has been added to the landscape on the South bank of the Thames. The Shed is a temporary structure designed by Haworth Tompkins architects in front of the National TheatreArchitects Haworth Tompkins and theatre consultants Charcoalblue conceived the project and The Shed was designed and built in a little over a year. 

This was a collaborative process that has been described as more like putting together a theatre show than a traditional construction project, which included the architects, the National Theatre and the theatre-makers who will be working in The Shed.



Over the Sky Illustrations!!!

 Lisa Rienermann (scroll right) became famous for her award-winning alphabet formed from letters spotted in the space between buildings. However French artistThomas Lamadieu instead used the constraints as inspiration for his imaginative illustration series Sky Art, where the artist drew within the narrow confines of rooftops and tiny slices of sky to create some pretty wild imagery. It would be fun to see different artists interpretations of the exact same spot.


Artists at Work….

Originally hailing from Seaford, New York, Joe Fig creates incredibly detailed miniatures of artists and their studios, as well as the “table” sculptures showcasing the respective artists’ art space based of actual photos taken by Fig himself or of older photos accounts for artists who have passed. Check out more of Fig’s work on his website!


Black and White…

Architect and photographer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects has brought great serenity and excitement into our lives the ‘Copenhagen Townhouse II’. Located in central Copenhagen, Denmark, close to the three lakes that separate the city center from the outer boroughs, this interior scheme is made to admire the primary importance that has been given to harmony & simplicity throughout the interior.

Amazing Visual Playground….

In 2001 artist Peter Gibson began a guerrilla street art campaign to encourage the city of Montreal to build more bike lanes. What began as a project borne of activism eventually became an art project that continues to this day. Assuming the name Roadsworth stating, “where Wordsworth is a poet of words, Roadsworth is a poet of roads,” the artist has cleverly modified roads, sidewalks, parking lots and any other publicly visible asphalt surface he can transform with paint. If you want to learn more, the artist recently took a moment to share some thoughts with My Modern Met and you can see much more of his work on his website.